The Power of Stories

Here at Kornerstone Credit we strive to focus on the individual. Each person we help is someone with a unique story and experience. The retailer partners we work with have distinct and varying needs for their business. The employees here at Kornerstone have individual ideas and skill sets that come together to be part of a whole. 


One of Kornerstone’s Guiding principles is “Know your Partner.” Knowing on a personal level each employee, each customer, and each retailer as much as we can is what sets Kornerstone apart from other LTO companies. With Kornerstone Credit, no one is just another number.  


During most of 2018 we ran a campaign we called “Know your Partner” with the intent of understanding each of these individual stories and being a better service for all parties involved. We want to carry the spirit of know your partner into our blog and into our lives. Each month we’ll feature a story about a customer, retailer, or employee so we can all get to know each other better. 

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